Hori Real Arcade Pro V. Premium VLX Hayabusa PS4/PS3 (JP Import) [HOLIDAY SPECIAL]


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After years of lacking their flagship controller, the VLX Premium, Hori goes back to back from the VLX Kuro to this year's Red on Black Hayabusa VLX Premium.

What's new with this stick besides the cosmetics?  The fresh new pushbuttons.  Labeled as the "Falcon" pushbuttons, Hori went back to the drawing board and developed a short throw pushbutton with a matte texture.  The result?  Faster activation and response, while enabling those who like to mash their buttons, a safer avenue without slicing their hands into pieces.  Their Kuro pushbuttons were sharp at the edges and mashing them wasn't the most pleasurable experience. 


  • HORI JP Product (Imported)
  • PlayStation® 4/PlayStation® 3 (First Dual Modded VLX)
  • Original Hori Parts: Joystick: Hayabusa | Buttons: Hayabusa Matte Short Throw
  • Touchpad (For Compatible PS4 Games)
  • Officially Licensed by Taito
  • Original Vewlix Button Layout
  • Share Button (To capture those hype moments)
  • Stick Toggle Switch - Toggle between Dpad, L Analog Stick, R Analog Stick Functionality
    PS3/PS4 Toggle Switch - Toggle between PS3 and PS4 compatibility mode
  • PC Compatible (We have confirmed, even though it's not advertised on the box)
  • Dimensions: W 22.44 in x L 10.24 in x H 5.51 in
  • Weight: 12.13 lbs (Heavy Weight for stability)
  • Fight Stick Bag Image is for display only (not included and sold at

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