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Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai Controller (Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PC)

One for all.  Hori's first and the industry's first dual mod controller for Microsoft's Xbox One / 360 and PC.  Yes, in addition to covering the Xbox system, this is officially licensed to work with the PC for full functionality.  Using the same body style as the RAP 4 Kai (the PS4/PS3 version), the metallic kanji and the "RAP" logo separates this from it's RAP 4 Kai counterpart. 

Xbox One and 360 fans out there, your day is near. 

    • First Dual Mod Controller for Microsoft's Xbox One | Xbox 360 | PC - Windows
    • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
    • Sleek and Clean Design
    • Note:  Our next shipment arrives on Feb 22, 2016 so it any orders placed today will ship that day or the day after.


$ 149.98

$ 139.98