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Hori RAP4 Kai Shadow Black Camo w/EX Gear [Customized by LAYERS FGC / Madd Modders]

If you love arcade sticks and dark themes, well, this mod is for you.  We made this as a concept design just for fun, but it gained quite a bit of interest at Capcom Cup 2017 when we put this out on display and of course, that eventually sold.

This mod isn't just clean but so clean you would think it's a stock build from Hori themselves.

Here are the specs for the Shadow Black Camo

  • Guts: Hori RAP4 Kai PS5/PS4/PS3/PC Compatible PCB
  • Control Panel Art - 3M Shadow Black Vinyl
  • Pushbuttons: Hori Hayabusa for 24mm and 30mm
  • Lever: Hori Hayabusa
  • Balltop / Shaft Cover - All Aluminum (Metal) Black EX Gear

All this was customized by both our LAYERS FGC Division and Madd Modders Team

Quantities are Limited as this is a one time run

$ 219.99