HORI RAP N Classic SA or SE Series (Customized by Madd Modders and Layers FGC) PS4 / PS3 / PC

Going RETRO with HORI's RAP N Arcade Stick

System:  PS4 / PS3 / PC (w/X-Input)

Hori has been making some of the most memorable and durable arcade sticks since the early 2000's. This all began with their "PRO" series, which they call the Hori Real Arcade Pro or HRAP.

In their initial model, they used their own in house generic parts that mimicked Sanwa Denshi. After a few years, they decided to take their "PRO" models to another level and create the SA (Special Addition) and SE (Special Edition) series, SA for Sanwa Denshi parts, SE for Seimitsu parts.

These models and cosmetic designs were the most respected models during their time and today are collector's items.

With our new Layers FGC service, we've been experimenting with various materials to bring back some of these classic designs. We decided to make 2 color variations of each the SA and SE series. We used a brush aluminum metallic wrap with graphics printed on top to bring back that crispy clean finish of the classic. The feel of this brush wrap is better than the originals as it's softer to the touch at the same time, giving it that premium quality aesthetic appeal.

SA - Sanwa Denshi JLF joystick, OBSF30/24 pushbuttons

SE - Seimitsu LS Joystick, PS-14-G (30mm) and PS-14-D (24mm) pushbuttons

Feast your eyes on these and let us know what you think.

Designs by our in-house graphic designer Dave Silverio, Mod Work by our Madd Modder's Team.  Graphic print and wrap by our Layers FGC Division

$ 219.99