HORI RAP4 Premium VLX KURO Controller PS4/PS3 with Touchpad

Who would have thought that Hori would consider making another version of the Premium VLX?  Let's just say that there are so many reasons why this shouldn't have happened, but so many reasons why it just had to happen. 

We're proud to announce that this project was an original collaboration between Arcadeshock and Hori USA.  For this reason, this product is exclusive to us and Hori for sales outside of Japan. 

If you own the first 2 VLX's, the Red (Original) and the Diamond (Blue), then you don't need any introduction to the build quality of this stick that really set many standards for other sticks to follow and to this day, this is still considered the flagship of commercially produced controllers. 

The VLX Trilogy is finally complete and for those who missed out on the first two VLX Productions, here is your chance to grab a Premium VLX.  Thus far, both the Original Red and Diamond VLX versions have almost doubled in price from it's original MSRP.  Once this stick sells out, there's no doubt the VLX Kuro will follow the same pattern, given the upgrades that it has received. 

The VLX Kuro is simply a beast.  There is no fight stick on the market like it.  It literally was ripped out of a Taito VLX Cabinet and placed on your lap.  Even though it's rated at 12.13 lbs, it feels much heavier and more solid than that.  If you have never felt one of these sticks, once you pick it up, you know it's at another level.  Sorry to say, but once you own this, expect stick envy from your fellow mates. 

A lot of hard work was put into making this happen, so it's here now and don't let another chance at owning the Premium VLX pass you by.  The ultimate stick is here and the price with FREE SHIPPING (only within the Continental United States - shipped via FEDEX Ground Only - No P.O. Box deliveries) is simply unbeatable.


  • ARCADESHOCK  x  HORI USA Collaboration
  • PlayStation® 4/PlayStation® 3 (First Dual Modded VLX)
  • Original Hori Parts: Joystick: Hayabusa | Buttons: Kuro
  • Touchpad (For Compatible PS4 Games)
  • Officially Licensed by Taito
  • Original Vewlix Button Layout
  • Share Button (To capture those hype moments)
  • Stick Toggle Switch - Toggle between Dpad, L Analog Stick, R Analog Stick Functionality
    PS3/PS4 Toggle Switch - Toggle between PS3 and PS4 compatibility mode
  • PC Compatible (We have confirmed, even though it's not advertised on the box)
  • Dimensions: W 22.44 in x L 10.24 in x H 5.51 in
  • Weight: 12.13 lbs (Heavy Weight for stability)
  • Fight Stick Bag Image is for display only (not included and sold at
  • Short direct link:

VLX Fight Stick Bag:  Check out our partner for the ultimate fight stick bag, specifically made for Hori's Premium VLX sticks.  Everyone has been requesting a true bag for this stick and SPLITFRAME LLC has designed the baddest stick bag on the market...period.  We have put our hands on this bag and tested it with the VLX and it fits like a glove as well as protects it with a ridiculous amount of padding.  We helped design this bag with SPLITFRAME, but they are the apparel gear specialist so they definitely know what they're doing.  

Go order the stick bag now because these will sell out.

ORDER LIMIT:  There is a strict limit of 2 controllers per customer.  Being a collector ourselves, we increased this from a LIMIT of 1 piece per customer. 

SHIPPING/PACKING: Please read carefully.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING via FEDEX Ground (within the Continental United States ONLY, ALASKA, HAWAII and Puerto Rico are excluded) on this product, however, for this service, it will ship in it's own packaging (it's put together to be shipped this way).  In order to get FREE shipping for this item, do NOT add anything else to your order.  You can purchase ONLY up to 2 pieces, but again, do not add anything else to your order, otherwise you will be charged shipping. 

If you are a collector and care about the original box, we will also offer a service where we will ship it in another box (double boxed) for an additional $10.  This fee covers the cost of the box / packing material, added weight and labor to put it together.  Choose this service from the drop down menu you see below.  The total will then come out to $309.99 + any applicable taxes

INTERNATIONAL Orders:  For this specific item, we ship to every country except to Japan. 

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Because this is a Limited Production, there are absolutely no returns or exchanges for this item.  If a stick is defective upon delivery you must notify us within 10 days of reception of the merchandise.  Any requests after this time period will be denied (no exceptions).  We will exchange it for the same exact product as long as we have it in stock.  The normal manufacturer's warranty of 90 days applies for this product against any manufacturer's defects.  In this case, repairs will be made, no exchanges.


$ 299.99