Hori Hayabusa Silent Optical Joystick [AS EXCLUSIVE]

It's been a while since we've stocked these. For the first time, you will be able to order this joystick in bulk with huge discounts applied.  Do group buys to save.

Introducing Hori's Silent *Stick.  Using optical sensors, these provide the quietest and smoothest operation today.   Accurate, responsive, reliable.   This is the first time we've offered this part and quantities are limited.

*Note that this lever is compatible with Hori's RAP4 Kai and V line of arcade sticks without any modification.  These arcade sticks already have the 6-pin connector standard on their PCB's, which does not require soldering for power. 


  • Ultra quiet (Quietest on the market)
  • Optical sensors (Precise and Fast)
  • Requires power from the pcb from additional wire
  • 6-pin cable included (up / down / left / right / ground / power)
  • Balltop (Black) included
  • Dust washers and shaft cover included

Please note that this stick uses a 6-pin harness.  The additional connection for power, which you will need to solder to the pcb.  On the Brook UFB, it's noted as VCC on the terminal block.  On other PCB's, it will vary.  If you're not familiar with basic modding, please do not attempt to install this. While not difficult to do, we understand modding isn't for everyone. 

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$ 59.99