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HORI Fighting Commander 4 for PlayStation 4 and 3 their original Fighting Commander 3 was discontinued, pad fans have been craving a successor.  The time is almost here as Hori will be releasing their new Fighting Commander 4 pad now compatible with PS4 and PS3.  The FC4 is considered as one of the better pads for fighting games on the market. 

The large 6 button SF-esque style layout makes it easy to execute difficult moves in various fighters. 


  • Adjustable Directional Pad
  • Diagonal Input Sensitivity
  • LR Button Toggle Switch
  • Six Button Layout (larger pushbuttons for ease of execution)
  • Asymmetric Grip Design
  • Turbo Function (excludes : OPTION / SHARE)
  • PS4 / PS3 Dual Compatibility

Check out one of the review by RONIN XXIV:

$ 59.99