Hori Fighting Commander 3 Game Pad (PS3) (OOP)

This is an OOP (Out of Print) discontinued product and considered one of the best control pads on the market for the PS3, if not the best.  Outside of finding them here, it's rare you will be able to pick one up anywhere else. 

Hori quite arguably made one of the first and best game pads for fighting games.  As some of you may know, the problem with most pads besides the analog controls is the lack of 6-buttons on the surface, so certain moves may be difficult to execute for some. 

Hori's Fighting Commander 3 balances out functionality with superb response time and all the main 6 buttons are on the same plane for those used to the Street Fighter pushbutton layout. 

These control pads debuted back in 2011 and yes, we bought them way back then but was so focused on the joystick market that we forgot we had these. 

2.3 in
6.3 in.
4.1 in.
0.3 lb.
 Cable Length
9.8 ft.

These are brand new, never used in box. 

$ 65.00

$ 54.99