Other metal panels on the market use steel or iron and is then powder coated with the paint color of choice.  This method works if it's made for it's own case design, but is not the best method if you're going to use this panel for other cases

Our definition on what makes our panels HIGH GRADE focus on these three categories:   Aesthetics.  Perfect Fit.  Customization.


When we set out to make our High Grade replacement panels, we didn't just want it to serve the minimum requirement, which is to change the button layout.  We wanted to create a WOW! factor in terms of the way it looks when it's fully assembled.  To us, a premium panel meant it had to add something to the look and also feel.  What we concluded was a panel that was anodized for color and brushed on the surface for a premium look and feel.   Other metal panels out on the market use the powder coated metal simply because it's cheaper to do as well as easier to do, but the end result is a panel that we feel only serves as a button layout replacement, not one that turns heads

A Perfect Fit

Using aluminum, we're able to cut the sheet to the exact dimension of the panel it replaces.  What this means is the length, width and most importantly, height is perfect and fills in all the gaps.  The result?  A panel mod that looks like it came straight from the factory and not one that looks like an after market product


You can add more of the wow factor by personalizing your panel with custom artwork or logo with our engraving services.  With an anodized aluminum panel (coloring the panel by an electric charge) you're able to create artwork or text that is razor sharp because the whole panel is the color you see on the top, including the layers below it.  What this does is when you laser engrave a anodized panel, you're not chipping off paint (as you would with a powder coated steel panel), but actually "painting" the image with a fine pointed laser

Brushed Aluminum vs Steel Panels

While some say the quality of steel is better than aluminum, we don't argue that one bit when it comes to strength

We agree with this point so much that we use a steel panel as the bottom support panel (for applicable models) for strength, where it's needed and a brushed aluminum panel for the top, where it shines, for presentation.   Read more below to see why our choice in how a metal panel separates us from the rest

Dual Layer

Where applicable, we will use two layers of panels (a bottom and a top) as mentioned above to preserve the stock dimensions.  This is important if you want to keep the original height of the joystick as well as provide more support for the buttons and joystick (less vibration).  Up to this point, the steel panels consist of only one layer, which would include the joystick mount, leaving some dimples behind for where the joystick plate is mounted

For those players that prefer a all-button solution and have found the pushbutton layout of the all-button too confining, the Shiokenstar layout uses eight 30mm play buttons

Identical to the all-button commands, this layout is another option for those who have larger hands and prefer a more open feel 

Offered in panel only (if you have our Hori RAP N all-button kit already), you can just swap out the top panel and you're set) or as a full kit that includes the SOCD Cleaner Kit

Kit Contents 

  • 3 mm Thick Brushed Aluminum Panel w/ all-button Layout
  • Custom plug and play harness to convert to all-button button layout
  • 3M metal pushbutton screw covers
  • Custom Harness to convert joystick to button format
  • SOCD Firmware Update (Click on Qanba Obsidian)

Parts Recommended

  • 24mm x 3 Pushbuttons
  • 30mm x 9 Pushbuttons

Pushbutton Compatibility

  • Sanwa Denshi (Full Line)
  • Seimitsu (Full Line)
  • Hori Hayabusa
  • Crown

Below is the link on how to install this panel.  This is essentially the same method as the all-button Conversion Kit, except you'll have to cut out more plastic in various areas (where the pushbuttons would be hitting them - the method on how to mark and remove this is in the guide as well)

Installation Guide (How to install your panel and make necessary cuts)

$ 54.95

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