ETA Early November 2019

What's the difference between our high grade aluminum panels and a metal panel, ones that come stock with the arcade stick or others out on the market?

For starters, these are 2mm thick (the stock panel is under 1mm).  Once you take physical hold of this panel in your hands, you'll know what we're talking about

We took it a step further and had it brushed and anodized in either gun metal or a black finish.  Our philosophy has always end up with a premium look and feel for the end product.  This panel will fit that bill

This panel will directly replace the stock panel that is currently on your Hori RAP4 Kai


  • 2mm Brushed Aluminum Panel
  • 6 Black Screws
  • 6 - 3M Metal Screw Covers

Stock Panel Removal Process

Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the screws with a philips head screw driver.  Remove the joystick and all the pushbuttons.

The stock artwork panel will be removed from the top.  It is held by a strong adhesive. A heat gun (set at a moderate temperature, otherwise you can damage the plastic casing) used at one of the corners of the panel will help lift the edge, which will allow you to pull the rest of the panel off.  You can also pull the panel off without a heat gun, by lifting one of the corners with a small flat head, however, this is a bit more difficult due to the strong adhesive, but a little muscle will accomplish this.

$ 44.95