What's the difference between our high grade aluminum panels and a metal panel, ones that come stock with the arcade stick or others out on the market?

For starters, these are 2mm thick (the stock panel is under 1mm).  Once you take physical hold of this panel in your hands, you'll know what we're talking about

We took it a step further and had it brushed and anodized in either gun metal or a black finish.  Our philosophy has always end up with a premium look and feel for the end product.  This panel will fit that bill

This panel will allow you to convert your existing HORI RAP N arcade stick to the Hitbox format.  It comes with our customized SOCD Cleaner Kit developed by MAS Control Systems and our Madd Modders crew.  What this means?  The most sophisticated, lowest latency, yet easiest to install of all the SOCD existing on the market made for Hori controllers.  It's all plug and play with custom cables, so no wire stripping and fiddling of where each strip of wire goes

Kit Contents

  • 2mm High Grade Aluminum Panel for HRAP N (Hitbox Layout)
  • SOCD Cleaner Kit (Install Guide shown in images)
  • Custom Wiring for SOCD Cleaner PCB
  • PCB Feet x 2 for SOCD Cleaner PCB

$ 54.95