EVO 2018 Metallic Camo Pushbutton - Sanwa Denshi (30mm)

Every year we bring EVO Pushbuttons, they sell out.  This year was no exception, except, we did sell out, at least we thought we did. 

Say that again?  One of our employees sorted a separate basket of the Gun Metal (our most popular EVO Pushbutton colorway) and placed it under neath one of our tables, which we discovered on closing day. 

So the bad news for us is that we couldn't offer these to those who asked about them at the show, but the good is it's being offered here until it's sold out

The Design

This year, we decided to do something that had a "street" style influence using a camo design which is found in a lot of tees, hoodies and sneakers.  This design is by far the most complex one we've done in a print for a pushbutton 

Special thanks to Sanwa Denshi for working on this to turn it into a reality

Gunmetal Camo Metallic Finish

$ 14.00