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CROWN SDB-202C-24 CLEAR [24mm] Mechanical Pushbutton

The time is finally here.  We've been pushing Crown to make 24mm mechanical pushbuttons for quite some time as many of those in the FGC has requested a solid option for reliable 24mm mechanical pushbuttons. Crown / Samducksa has finally answered the call.  For their initial run in clear, the following six colors will be available, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Clear Smoke, Clear White, Clear Violet and Clear Yellow. More colors to follow in the future

With these, you'll be able to play in silence with the Speed Silver as well as achieve the fastest response time

Mechanical switches has been the standard for the best performing keyboards on the market for many years

Crown (known as Samducksa in Korea) has recently adopted official Cherry MX switches using the fastest switch they offer, their Speed Silver

Here are the characteristics / benefits of the SPEED SILVER mechanical switch

    • Linear Motion
    • Ultra Fast
    • 1.2mm Pre Travel
    • 3.4mm Total Travel
    • Silent Operation
    • 45cN Operating Force

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$ 4.25

$ 4.20