CROWN SDB-202M Metallic 30mm Mechanical Pushbutton

Crown has been upping their pushbutton game by using Cherry MX Speed Silver mechanical switches, moving away from the former Futaba (inconsistent performance) in their 201 series

After releasing solid, clear and clear white pushbuttons, they recently mimic Sanwa Denshi's metallic series with the Gold, Gunmetal and Silver color variations, but with the same Speed Silver mechanical switches

Mechanical switches has been the standard for the best performing keyboards on the market for many years 

Crown (known as Samducksa in Korea) has recently adopted official Cherry MX switches using the fastest switch they offer, their Speed Silver

Here are the characteristics / benefits of the Cherry MX SPEED SILVER mechanical switch

    • Linear Motion
    • Ultra Fast
    • 1.2mm Pre Travel
    • 3.4mm Total Travel
    • Silent Operation
    • 45cN Operating Force

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$ 6.50

$ 5.95

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