The one that started the signature Korean lever craze has now got some upgrades from its original form. Codesigned with Helpme yet again, Crown is bringing subtle but needed changes for the Tekken player’s own lever

Included with every model of the New Helpme Lever are two actuators. While the original had one 16mm actuator, the latest package has both 16.2mm and 16.3mm pieces. The latter is catered towards 2D fighters as it has solid diagonal coverage. The former is designed for Tekken in mind, especially for Mishima players. At the cost of slightly reduced diagonal coverage, the 16.2mm actuator has enough room for a neutral input to trigger

The New Helpme Lever also features an HST-30 tension grommet so it’s a good middle ground between very light HST-25 and relatively heavier HST-35 grommets. The bushing, the piece that keeps the grommet in place as well as holds the shaft, has been designed with more precision this time around. The internal diameter of the bushing is set at 7.52mm which results in a tighter fit for the shaft, minimizing looseness when moving around

Also featured is a special set of switches. The left, right and, down inputs utilize Gersung V1623A3 switches. The up input has a V0303A3 switch which minimizes accidental jumping when working with the other switches. A sticker is placed next to the V0303A3 switch to indicate where you need to install the lever. Unique to all of the switches featured here are thicker metal hinges. This allows for more consistent inputs as the hinges are not shaking when interacting with the actuator.

Special to the DX version of the New Helpme Lever are new transparent bat top colors: Violet and Blue.

What's Included

  • CWL-NEW HELPME-DX Joystick
  • Modified Gersung V1623A3 Switches (x3), Gersung V0303A3 Switch
  • 16.2mm (white) and 16.3mm (black) actuators
  • Choose between transparent Violet or Blue bat tops
  • HST 30A Silicone Tension Grommet

NOTE: you will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer.

Quick Link:

$ 39.99

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