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Player-branded levers has been Crown's specialty for quite some time. Their previous efforts featured input from high level Korean fighting game players Help Me, Crazy Dongpal, and Infiltration. For this new lever

Crown took a different route by collaborating with Korean modder Benylis to make a lever that fits both his preferences but also introduce traits unique from its brethren

One of the most notable differences is the array of switches. While other Crown levers feature a variety of switches from Gersung, Benylis opted for Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 switches. They have tough operation force much like the Gersung V1623A3 switches but combined with the actuator, the Starion switches are optimized for neutral return. This allows directional inputs such as Tekken's instant while running command to work more efficiently. Another unique aspect is that it features metal plates under the switches. Taking influence from other Korean levers, these plates are designed keep the Starion switches stable when triggered. It minimizes vibrations to avoid wear and tear in the long run

Using the MJ designation, the Benylis lever has the chopped collar design for the authentic Korean lever feel while working on most Japanese arcade sticks. The Benylis lever also has two unique transparent colored bat top shafts not found on other Crown levers

What's Included

  • CWL-309-MJ BENYLIS Joystick
  • Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 Microswitches
  • Choose between Yellow or Blue bat top shafts
  • HST 35A Silicone Tension Grommet

NOTE: you will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer

Sample image of Benylis installed in our High Grade Aluminum panel for the Hori RAP N

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$ 32.95

$ 31.95