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CPS2 A Board (Brand New - Never used)

Brand new, never used, crisp CPS 2 A Board. Comes with original plastic cover, bubble wrap and custom box. These have never been taken out of it's original plastic bag. CPS2 gamers and collectors will both benefit, as you will expect a perfect working board, along with minty condition for those collectors out there.

In order to play CPS2 games (the actual game itself is known as the "B" Board), you need the "A" Board.  
This is a U.S.A region board, which is compatible with the Blue, Green and Yellow "B" Boards.  These boards are 100% Made in Japan.

Like all of our other Capcom hardware and software you see in the store, these were purchased directly from Capcom Coin-Op and are the last remaining new boards in existence in the USA. 

$ 230.00