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Capcom Power Stick Fighter (Brand New) Made in Japan

Capcom's CPSF was one of the first truly good licensed arcade stick for the Super Nintendo.  Besides MAS, this was the stick to get as the build quality is what we should expect out of every stick, Made in Japan using only high quality parts.

Capcom made a specific Street Fighter II version for the SNES primarily and that only worked for Super Nintendo.  This version is quite unique as it worked on both their home arcade unit, the CPS and the SNES System as shown by the connectors you see the pictures.

This stick is brand new and was purchased this way and to give you an idea of it's age, it's about 20 years old, if not older.  This has never been used, only taken out of it's packaging to take photos of the contents.

For the stick collector, saying this is 'rare' is an understatement, especially one that is in this condition. 

$ 224.99