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Brook PS4 / PS3 / PC Fighting Board with Audio

May 2, 2017 - Brook has just released the firmware update to patch the 8-minute timeout - Download here:

April 28, 2017 - 8-minute time out issue on the latest Sony V4.55.  Brook is well aware of this and will have an update next week.  There is a national holiday in their country at the moment, which has postponed the firmware update, otherwise, they normally have updates within 24 hours.

Please check here for the link for the firmware update when it becomes available.

In Stock - Ships within 24 Hours

Brook continues it's Gaming Series PCB, Universal Fighting Board follow up with the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board.

Besides the difference in cost, the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board adds a break out PCB that houses a micro USB and headphone jack with support audio for the PS4 portion. 

A soldered 20-pin allows super easy and fast connection for your pushbuttons, control and joystick when using our custom Quick Connect 20-pin Harness.  This is as easy as it gets. 


Other Accessories

Adhesive PCB Feet (Set of 4)


$ 64.95