Brook PS3 / PS4 to DREAMCAST Super Converter [PRE-ORDER]

PRE-ORDER: Ships mid-late May 2018

After releasing the PS3/4 to NEO•GEO and PSOne/PS2, Brook continues their classic super converters with the long awaited Dreamcast. 

While the Dreamcast had quite a variety of amazing fighting games in it's library, like many other systems during it's time, lacked a proper arcade stick to use them on. 

Well, the wait is over, almost.  Now is your chance to pre-order this and be the first to use your favorite PS3 or PS4 arcade stick on your Dreamcast or PC.

The first batch is limited so don't miss out.


  • USB and Wireless Interface
  • Button Mapping
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Turbo and Vibration Functions
  • X-Input Support

 Quick Link:


For compatibility of your fight stick, control pad or driving wheel, go to and go to the appropriate converter of your choice and CLICK on MORE.  Scroll down to the bottom to check to see if your product is compatible with the converter to prevent returns / exchanges and headaches for yourself. 

Go HERE to check to see if you have the latest version.  If not, please download the appropriate file to update your Super Converter

$ 39.95