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BROOK PS3 / PS4 / PC Fighting Board w/ Audio [USB Type B Version 2017]

UPDATE 01/07/2022:  Firmware update V1.9 (will soon be released) will you to use the PS5 feature by adding on their UP5 Upgrade Kit


This is Brook's latest version of the PS Fighting Board w/ Audio.  If you compare the board layout of the Universal Fighting Board, which has been Brook's leading performer in their FGC lineup, this version mimics it closely in architecture.

The most notable revision Brook made here is changing the USB Type from the micro to Type B.  This is a robust, let alone easier to plug and commonly used USB Type in the FGC. 


  • Compatible with PS3/PS4/PC [X-Input]
  • Auto-Detect to specific console
  • Screw Terminal Block for easy installation
  • 20-pin Connector for plug and play installation with our Quick Connect 20-pin harness (Optional - Not Included)
  • Audio Support for PS4
  • External board to support headphone jack and Type B USB Port (No Neutrik USB connector required)
  • LS/DP/RS Stick Mapping
  • Enable or Disable SOCD Cleaner Functionality
  • Enable or Disable Dual Analog Stick Functions
  • Firmware Upgradeable via USB
  • All connectors and headers are compatible with the Brook Universal Fighting Board

Additional Features

  • Compatible with Jasen's Customs EZ Mod Series (TE2 - plug and play, TE2+ will require some soldering with the LS/DP/RS)

Optional / Recommended Accessories

$ 64.95