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Blaz Blue Radio Joystick (Tokyo Game Show 2015 Exclusive)

Two years ago, Sanwa Denshi released their custom Blaz Blue Controller where you could customize the pushbuttons from the Blaz Blue CP series. 

At the most recent Tokyo Game Show held in September of 2015, Sanwa Denshi released another version of the Blaz Blue joystick, using the familiar controller casing produced by Exar. 


  • Official PS3 / PS4 Licensed Controller
  • Authentic Sanwa Denshi JLF Joystick
  • Authentic Custom OBSC30 Blaz Blue Themed Pushbuttons
  • Super Compact Form Factor
  • Made in Japan
  • Comes with Custom Blaz Blue Radio Logo Box
  • Includes both Blaz Blue: Central Fiction Dust Covers (as shown)
  • Limited Edition / Stock

In stock for immediate shipment.  We will double box this product to protect it's collector's value.

$ 185.00

$ 165.00