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Blaz Blue CHRONOPHANTASMA 30mm Sanwa Denshi Character PUSHBUTTON [CLEARANCE SALE] (30mm)


In preparation for Arc Systems Blaz Blue CHRONOPHANTASMA launch October 24th, 2013, Sanwa Denshi made an extremely limited run of these pushbuttons that was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 on September 19, 2013.  By the end of the weekend, which allowed the Public to attend the show, they were sold out of all but 5 of their 35 characters.

Sanwa Denshi has confirmed that these character designs are a one time production and no more will be produced as it was a licensed agreement between the two parties. 

We ordered our supply before the event launched, so were able to secure our share, otherwise, unless you were at TGS 2013, there would be no way to obtain these. 

There were under 150 pieces of each character produced, which is considered their most limited production of any pushbutton Sanwa Denshi has made up to that point. 

Each piece is individually wrapped with Blaz Blue artwork for those who want to keep for collection purposes. 

$ 11.00

$ 7.50