Baseball Stars Nintendo Entertainment System (Brand New - Complete)

For those who have followed SNK and understand it's history, there were a few key titles that were produced that put them on the map and give them the financial backing to later on produce what we know now as SNK's NEO GEO System.  That title was the ever so popular and addictive, Baseball Stars for the NES, yes, the Nintendo Entertainment System.
SNK arguably made the best baseball game ever for the NES.  How did they do this?  It was the first baseball game that had a battery in it which allowed the user to create their own team from the team name, team player name, character attributes, which gave it huge replay value.  It was a game, way ahead of it's time and graphically, there was no comparison at the time as well.   Every element of the game made Baseball Stars for the NES an instant hit and the rest is history. 
This particular copy of Baseball Stars for the NES isn't just any copy.   This copy has been in the possession of an SNK Executive since it's initial release in July of 1989 and kept in pristine condition ever since.   It's a NOS item and the image is the actual product and has NEVER been used.  

$ 200.00

$ 176.00