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We've have been huge fans of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo / X game and poster artwork ever since it was released many decades ago.  In 2016, our sister company and partner, SPLITFRAME LLC reprinted the poster, hoodie and t-shirt with the file provided to us by Capcom USA Inc, however, it was revised from the original file and Japanese release, with certain graphics and logos taken out to simplify the design.  The iconic artwork and logo were still kept intact

However, we've heard from die-hard Super Turbo / X fans around the world wanting the original poster design, which included the "CAPCOM" logo in the poster (as shown) as well as the "SUPER STREET FIGHTER II" graphic shown at the bottom.  So the natural thing to do was to put these back in

We took this a step further.  The "Remastered" element comes into play here by cleaning up the original source file, taking out the artifacts and defining the lines for a crisper image.  The result? A higher resolution source file that allows prints for larger images.  This was first born when we asked our graphic designer, Hibachifinal to design Super Street Fighter II wrap for our Honda Accord vehicle.  He painstakingly revamped this image pretty much from the ground up to provide the crispiest Super Street Fighter II Turbo / X image to date


  • Officially Licensed by Capcom USA Inc
  • New Remastered Artwork
  • Printed on Flagship Epson DTG Printer
  • Super Soft Fabric and Print
  • Available from Small to 3XL sizes

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$ 40.00