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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Breaking Back Tee [REMASTERED PRINT]

Available Now 

Remastered Series

Illustration / Coloring by Motoki Yoshihara

Improving on our production process, we made another run of these tees and will have them in limited quantities again for EVO 2019.  Stop by our booth if you plan to go. 

In our remastered series, we move from the screen printing process to DTG (Direct to Garment).  Using the top of the line Brother DTG printers, these prints are accurately displayed and captures the original colors and textures (you can see the details in the pencils) of the original file.  

The image you see attached is the actual print on a cotton tee.  The colors and details rival that of one printed on a poster.  Screen printing for an image this complex cannot replicate the color accuracy or detail.

$ 40.00