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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Universe [ZIP-UP] Hoodie REMASTERED Edition

Up to a few months ago, our favorite fighting game art piece was the Super Street Fighter 2 X with Akuma centered in the "X."  In fact, we were so drawn in by it's simplicity and meaning, we asked Japanese manga artist, Motoki Yoshihara to create an art piece for SFIII: 3S that pays tribute to the SSF2X piece. 

When we were shown the preliminary concept, we were blown away.  As Yoshihara-san teased us with details of each character, we couldn't wait until the final piece would come together and oh has it.  

Each character was painstakingly drawn in detail, some fully body. 

Every now and then you'll see an epic piece of art that just puts a stamp on the industry and quite honestly, this is one of those pieces and is our current all time favorite. 

We are honored that Motoki Yoshihara accepted to create such a remarkable piece.

Keep comfort while showing off your love for the Third Strike Universe. 

  • Upgraded Printing Technique (DTG) for Optimal Color Accuracy and Detail
  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Apparel
  • Artwork originally penciled and colored by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Artwork approved for use by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Upgraded Fabric (Thicker) with better zippers

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Artist: Motoki Yoshihara

$ 60.00