HORI REAL ARCADE PRO SA (Special Addition) PS3/PC Arcade Stick

From Hori's Arcade Pro series, for the first time, we are offering the all pro stick from Hori.  Called the SPECIAL ADDITION, using all pro parts, from the joystick to the buttons from parts manufacturer Sanwa Denshi Co. Ltd. 
This is THE stick to have for PS3 owners.  Not only reliable, but durable as the casing is made from a single mold (no hinged or glued pieces) therefore it's extremely tough and can take a beating if you do decide the heat is too much and toss your stick.  We've tested it ourselves after numerous throws and unfortunately, the stick bounced off the floor and destroyed our LCD panel, but more importantly for you, the stick still worked flawlessly.  We absolutely are not telling you to do this at home, but it's just a testament on how well built this stick is. 
This is a brand new, never used fight stick.  Quantities are limited.

$ 219.99