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Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Arcade Stick (Colored Series) PS4/PS3/PC

FLAT Shipping Rate of $14.95 to Continental USA Addresses (Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) 

For many years, Hori's US arm has taken a very conservative approach to releasing limited edition fight sticks that we would see from it's Japanese releases.  Times have changed and the consumers from the US market has shown a growing support for the limited and collector released products in the past few years.  With this, Hori has taken notice and with our constant suggestions, recommended to keep the good stuff coming. 

Earlier this year in January, Hori released their Hayabusa matte 30mm pushbuttons in the second version of their RAP4 Kai fight stick.  Instantly, fans loved the new short throw and matte texture of the new offering.  What has been lacking though is other color options besides the typical Kuro (Black).  So here we are.  3 new color offerings for Hori's best selling fight stick in bright Red, clean White and rich Blue.

Each stick is loaded with the standard Hori Hayabusa joystick and their Hayabusa matte 30mm pushbutton in the various colors. 

  • Choose between Red, White or Blue
  • PS4/PS3/PC (with X-Input)
  • Hori Hayabusa Joystick
  • Hori Hayabusa Pushbutton (Short Throw - Matte 30mm) (24mm for Start)
  • Hidden Compartment for USB Cable

With these new colored cases, you can do a plethora of custom mods that will spruce up the aethetics big time. Check out one of our custom mods with the BLUE version:

$ 179.99