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NOTE:  Please update the Brook Retro Board with the latest firmware update V1.5

Brook Retro Board Firmware V1.5

For those who prefer to combine the retro and modern systems in one arcade controller, here is the best stacked combo available.  Both of these boards were developed and manufactured by Brook.  Why this is important is simple.  Their support and customer service is second to none in this industry

Dual Modding

While we have offered the ability to use both boards from the initial launch of the Retro Board, this is the first time, we've offered our own version of the stacked configuration, the OPTIMUS Stack.  A few months ago, we released the stacked version that Jasen's Customs developed.  This version was created by Jasen and optimized for his Panzer arcade controller setup.  For his purpose, this worked just fine, but it was not optimized for use outside of the Panzer build


Brook Universal Fighting Board - In 2017 Brook shocked the world by releasing a board that would work on both the PS4 and Xbox One without any time out issues.  Six months after the initial release, they further released a new firmware update that became known as the fastest board on the market (tested for PS4).  Today, the Brook Universal Fighting Board can also be upgraded to work with the PS5, with their Brook UP5 Upgrade Kit


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OPTIMUS Advantage

Shorter Stack / Easy Firmware Upgrades

Shorter stack with a purpose.  The initial stacked version we offered, the Brook Universal Fighting Board was placed on top of the Retro Board.  Stacking the Retro Board on top of the Universal Fighting Board shaves off some height clearance.  While this isn't huge, every mm counts when it comes to custom modding.  The initial thought process was the Retro Board did not need any firmware upgrades (that is, if all the bugs are tweaked and no additional features were to be added to this board) however, as time went on, some other bugs were discovered, which are now fully resolved, but there are other upgrades that may happen for the Retro Board.  The issue with the Retro Board being on the bottom is in order to upgrade it, the Brook UFB had to be detached from it and the Retro Board directly connected to the USB to upgrade it.  Not an elegant solution as we later discovered.  With the Retro Board on top, you can upgrade either board without any hassle of disassembling the boards

Fully Featured with Custom Dual Head Cables

With our optional cable kit made specifically for this stacked board, you will be able to to fully optimize the the features on each of the boards. Without these dual head custom cables, you would have to choose which board you would like to use the features on, such as Turbo, DP, L3/R3

Stack it with other Brook PCB's

The initial stacked design only allowed the Retro Board to work with the Universal Fighting Board.  With our new design, this will also work with the Brook PS4 Plus and the Brook Wireless Fighting Board.  Yes, more options.  For the time being, these will only be offered as a combo set

Choose your Configuration

  1. Retro Board / Universal Fighting Board Stack (PS5 Upgradeable with UP5 Hardware Add-On)
  2. Retro Board / Wireless Fighting Board Stack
  3. Retro Board / PS4 Fighting Board Plus Stack

Each stacked board comes with 2 sets of hex stand offs, 2 screws and 2 pcb adhesive feet (as shown).  Once again, the dual head Optimus Cable Kit is NOT included here

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