QANBA Obsidian Clear Plexi (Original)

This plexi is manufactured by Qanba themselves, so the fit isn't close, it's perfect.  We could have had these cut here in the states and saved a few dollars, but our goal has always been about quality of materials and accuracy of measurement. 

The US market uses the standard system of measurement, while China and many other countries use the metric.  The "standard" measurements of  each country is not the same, therefore, this causes a small, but noticeable difference in the thickness of the plexi, which either is slightly elevated from the rest of the arcade stick top panel or just as bad, a sunken plexi (which can scuff the palms of your hand). 

We chose to carry this plexi as we found many customers have cracked their plexi as well as those who want to do their own custom artwork. 

(+$ 35.00 to Add Your Custom Artwork )
Qanba Obsidian

$ 19.00