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SEIMITSU LS-56-01-AS Multi Tension Joystick [AS EXCLUSIVE]

While we offer many choices for aesthetic improvements and themes (pushbuttons, balltops, dust covers), one of our other goals is to improve on is user experience
Over the years, many customers have asked us to a variety of spring options, which change the feel (tension) of the joystick and to some can change user performance. While custom springs is nothing new to the market, we wanted to take this a step further and provide a simple solution to the masses
To do this, we asked Seimitsu to make a joystick that offered 5 different spring options to allow the user to swap them out to see what tension works for them. Previously, one would have to buy springs separately, possibly from different vendors, with only a few options for that particular joystick
Seimitsu ventured into spring tensions that are NOT found in their official joystick lineup, from springs that are the lightest feel to ones that are much stiffer than what they offer now. The result? You have choices and now we made it simple for you to try out the spring that suits you best.  Choose the spring tension that works best for you
What's Included
  • LS-56-01-AS Joystick
  • 5 Spring Tensions (4lbf, 2lbf, 1.12 lbf, 0.9 lbf, 0.4lbf)
  • 2 C-Clips (just in case you break the stock one)
  • Black Balltop, Dust and Shaft Cover
  • Your Modding Skills - Alright you noobs, time to venture into new territory.  You got this. 

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$ 32.95