Hori RAP4 Kai Mechanical Pushbutton Arcade Stick - OBS-MX Parts PS4/PS3/PC (Customized)

Welcome to the customized section of ARCADESHOCK.com

For those who prefer Sanwa Denshi parts, we have customized this stick just for you.  Choose from either solid colored, clear or solid silent parts (balltop and pushbuttons).  These are customized with the more popular colors.  

Please make sure to choose the variant design / color / preference you want in the drop down menu.  Prices will vary depending on the parts you choose.

HRAP4 Kai and HRAP V Body Designs are all PS4/PS3 and PC (w/ X-Input) Compatbility


  • Officially Licensed by SCEA
  • New Slimmer / Sleeker Body style
  • Compatible with both PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC
  • Hori Hayabusa Joystick
  • Paradise Arcade OBS-MX Mechanical Switches (Various Types)
  • Sanwa Denshi OBSC24
  • Includes Fighting Mode, Turbo functions, and input and button toggles, and Share button
  • Touchpad (Industry First in the USA) for use with compatible PS4 Titles
  • Platform: PS4/PS3 and PC Compatible with X-Input Capability


For this release, each of the arcade sticks are modded with OBS-MX Cherry Mechanical Switches with their corresponding color types.  For the white arcadestick, the mechanical switches we use clear, for red, we use red and blue, we use blue. 

Each of these switches have their unique characteristics:

Clear Cherry MX Switch - Tactile switch, non-clicky, silent.  The clears are similar to the brown switches, except the actuation force is 10g higher at 55g.

Blue Cherry MX Switch - Tactile precised switch, clicky, non-silent.  Actuation force of 50g.  You can feel and hear the pushbutton when pressed.

Red Cherry MX Switch - Linear switch (not tactile), non-clicky, silent. Actuation force of 45g.  One of the more popular silent mechanicals which is great for night time gaming or if you do not want your opponent to ease drop on your button presses during a match.

$ 179.99