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Hori RAP V Silent Hayabusa Arcade Stick (Imported)

With the follow up to Hori's Hayabusa series, they are now offering the Silent version of their popular Hayabusa matte pushbuttons.  This is an imported product from Japan and is not available anywhere else stateside. 


  • PS4/PS3/PC Compatible with X-Input
  • Hayabusa Silent Joystick (Optical)
  • Hayabusa Silent Matte Short Throw Pushbuttons (30mm x 8)
  • Hayabusa Silent Matte Pushbutton (24mm x 1)

Only a few of these left and that's it.  Unless there's a huge surge in demand, we do not plan to restock these, so get this stateside to save on shipping.

Limited Quantities Available - Once these are gone, we will no replenish

$ 179.99