Update:  Added Crown Mechanical Edition Silver Faceplate

Hori's Fighting Edge has remained one of the more popular fight sticks on the market for many years, previously for their PS3 appearance and now for the PS4

Outside of the clean lines that the Fighting Edge has to offer, the ample hand and palm space to rest on is what has made this very popular

So like the Qanba Obsidian, we decided to make a conversion kit to turn this beast into a Hitbox.  And like the Obsidian, we were required to make two panels for this, a bottom pushbutton metal panel to lock the pushbuttons in place and a top control panel

The top panel is a brushed aluminum which we produced to somewhat match the stock Hori FE panel, but also give it it's own characteristic

Natively, Hori's Fighting Edge PCB does not offer a built-in SOCD Cleaner, so we made one with the help from our own Madd Modders Team and MAS Systems to offer one helluva fast (low latency board) and one that is purely plug and play for super ease of install (no stripping wires) should you ever want to use this board for another Hori arcade stick conversion

Choose from either brushed aluminum silver or brushed aluminum black (new).  These are the same panels from our High Grade Aluminum Replacement panel series

Quick Link:  https://tinyurl.com/FEHITBOX


$ 289.99

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