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Seimitsu LS-40-01 (JAEPO 2017 Special Edition) Dark Blue or Deep Pink

These colors are specifically sold only at JAEPO 2017, which we were there and only 20 pieces of each color was made. 

Generally, the balltop and shaft covers with this joystick is available only in black.   Seimitsu often likes to release limited edition colors for shows such as JAEPO, which in this case is limited to Dark Blue and Deep Pink. 

The LS-40-01 has a universal gate that can be configured from 2, 4 to 8 way, which makes it a very versatile joystick.  This stick has commonly been used for NEO•GEO Japanese arcade machines.


  • JAEPO 2017 Limited Edition Colors (Dark Blue / Deep Pink)
  • 2,4, 8-Way Gate
  • Tension similar to LS-32 series
  • Black balltop, dust and shaft cover included (not shown)
  • SE Mounting Plate - as shown
  • 5-pin wire harness included (not shown)

$ 21.95