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For the past year Seimitsu has been producing various limited edition (single production) products, from levers to balltops.   Continuing their limited run of unique products, these "marble" finished balltops use multiple coats to provide a unique and premium look, similar to a high quality bowling ball finish

With this process, no two balltops are alike, each one having it's own design characteristics

For the first run of these balltops, Seimitsu is offering them in blue and red, with only 50 units of each color offered by us.   We haven't confirmed the exact numbers, but worldwide there most likely is under 500 units made, which is a very small run considering a normal run of balltops for a single color is 5000 units, which are reproduced

We will not restock these and Seimitsu confirms this is a one time production

$ 19.95