QANBA Obsidian Conversion Kit for Hitbox Layout

If you already own a Qanba Obsidian arcade stick controller and want to convert it to the Hitbox format

Use this metal Hitbox layout plate in conjunction with the Obsidian clear plexi for Hitbox to convert your arcade stick to a "stickless" solution. 

We suggest using this metal plate with the clear plexi we offer here as they were made in tandem to ensure the perfect fit.   If you use this with any other plexi, chances are it won't work well together and will not give you the finished fit and look. 

Use the stock screws from the existing stock metal panel (pushbutton - underneath the plexi) that came with your Qanba Obsidian arcade stick

For installation instructions, please see attached .pdf file

What's included in the Kit Format

  • Clear Plexi
  • Metal Plate
  • JLF to Hitbox Harness
  • 3M Metal Screw Covers (Set of 8 - You only need 6, but just in case you mess up)

You can ALSO purchase the plexi by itself if you already have the kit to add new artwork or wrap to it

Important:  For this conversion to work, you must purchase BOTH the plexi and  the metal plate together.  Furthermore, read instructions below for custom artwork


1) Select either 6 or 8 Button NOIR Panel  (Click on ADD TO CART)

2) Download the Template and apply art as instructed (USE OUR TEMPLATE ONLY - If you use another template, we CANNOT print it and you'll have to redo it)

3) Once you have done this, click on the ARTWORK box (with the Panel Type), upload the artwork and then click on ADD TO CART

Installation Guide Download

Options:  Add Layers FGC custom art or wrap to your order.  Please allow an additional 5 - 10 business days for this to ship

(+$ 35.00 to Add Your Custom Artwork )
Qanba Obsidian Hitbox

$ 49.99