QANBA OBSIDIAN Controller Customized with Hitbox Layout (PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PC)

PS5 Compatible - Initial testing shows that the Qanba Obsidian / Pearl is compatible with the PS5 as of 11/12/ 2020

NOTE: This is NOT an official Qanba Product - Customized by our Madd Modders / Layers FGC Team

These are customized arcade sticks which may take up to two days to modify before we ship.  Please inquire beforehand if you need this shipped Express International or Next Day Air (within the USA)

Why Qanba Pearl / Obsidian as  Hitbox Controller?

There are a lot of choices for Hitbox controllers on the market.  What makes the Pearl (and Obsidian - the black variant of the Pearl) stand out above the rest?

  • Professionally Proven - Our Obsidian and Pearl Hitbox is currently used by professional players on the market
  • Excellent form factor (the size and weight is comfortable for big and small hands)
  • Low latency (Fast response time)
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner (there is no requirement for additional hardware to meet the industry standard SOCD requirements), which means each press has the shortest signal path
  • An abundance of options for customization.  Using standard pushbuttons, the feel and performance can simply be changed just by swapping out each pushbutton with a variety of offerings on the market.  We also offer clear plexi and high grade aluminum panel options to change the look as well as weight (heavier top)
  • Each of these controllers are carefully unmodded and remodded to very specific standards we have set.  Each of our modders have customized easily over 700 controllers (some over 1500) overall, so their experience level is unmatched

Qanba's Obsidian has been one of the hottest arcade sticks released in the past few years.  To many, it has an attractive overall shape, clean lines and is sized appropriately for use at home or on the road. 

Going Stickless

Over the years some "stick" players though have converted over to the "Hitbox" layout, which replaces the lever (joystick) with direction pushbuttons instead and from time to time, we have had some of our customers ask if we would make panels for the current controllers we carry. 

While we carry many different designs of arcade sticks, some are better candidates than others.  We chose the Obsidian specifically as it's easily accessible to many and has spare parts that we can offer for the end user to swap out or upgrade.

Our Madd Modders and Layers FGC Team modified these to capture the original look and performance.

So here it is, the Qanba Obsidian with Hitbox layout


  • PS4/PS3/PC (X-Input)
  • SOCD Cleaner (via Firmware Update - will be installed when you receive this)
  • Aluminum Alloy Side Panels
  • Sanwa Denshi Pushbuttons (24 and 30mm)
  • Touchpad Mouse
  • Turbo Functionality
  • LED Accent Lighting (Can be turned off)
  • Anti-slip Bottom Padding
  • 3.5mm Headphone Port 
  • 8.8 FT Hard Wired USB Cable
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 5" (Inches)

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RETURN / EXCHANGE POLICY:  This is a customized / modified product therefore, as noted in our store policy, there are no returns or exchanges for this item.  No exceptions.  So if you're unsure about whether you may or may not like all buttons over joystick and buttons, please do not place an order. 

All customized products on our end are tested 100% for full functionality before being shipped out. 

Worldwide Shipping Available 

$ 284.99

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