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Hori Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa PS3 / PS4 / PC (3 Bundle Options)

Fight Stick + Silent (Optical) Joystick Bundle - Buy together to save $15 off of the Joystick

Hori's RAP N Hayabusa arcade stick is almost here.  This fight stick layout is one of our favorites.  The case design and pushbutton layout (NOIR) was originally used in their HRAP3 PRO N a few years back for PS3/PC, but was only available officially in Japan. 

One thing we particularly like about this arcade stick is the larger overall space of the control panel.  This allows larger hands to comfortably rest on top of the panel without sloping down at the edge of the arcade stick, found in their HRAP4 Kai models. 

With a new clean metallic gold and black design, this fight stick is sure to turn eyes and make a great addition to the market.


  • Officially Licensed Sony Playstation Product
  • Compatible with PS3 / PS4 / PC (w/X-Input)
  • Touchpad (for PS4)
  • Joystick: Hayabusa Lever
  • Pushbuttons: Hayabusa Short Throw 30mm and 24mm pushbuttons
  • Dimensions (Actual Arcade Stick): 18.5 x 13 x 6.5" (Inches)
  • Weight (Actual): 7 lbs

SPLITFRAME FS Transporter 2 R Edition

Accessorize the Hori RAP N Hayabusa fight stick with the best fight stick bag on the market.  Weighing in at 5 lbs, this bag is the most durable bag on the market with thick inner adjustable padding, water proof zippers, water proof fabric and best of all, once you put this on, you simply don't feel like it's on your back. 

SPLITFRAME LLC designed this bag to create the signature look of what a fight stick bag should look like and once you see this, you know it's not your typical backpack or messenger back that was converted into another purpose.

This bag will hold fight sticks as wide as the Qanba Dragon and Hori's Fighting Edge.  

Hori Silent (Optical) Hayabusa Joystick + Arcade Stick Bundle

With this joystick the inputs come out precise and ultra quiet.  This joystick uses optical sensors to execute your commands so there are no microswitches to create any noise.  The stock joystick connector for the HRAP N is a 5-pin while the Silent Optical requires 6-pins.  You will have to splice the 6th cable (white) and solder it to the 5v for power. 

If you are not familiar with soldering and to swap out the Hayabusa with simple plug and play (no soldering), the HRAP 4, Fighting Edge (PS4) have these 6-pin connectors standard. 

Check out Jasens Customs Breaking Down the Stick Episode for the HRAP N

BDTS Hori RAP N Episode

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$ 169.99