HORI RAP4 with Hitbox Layout PS3/4/PC

For those who prefer a stickless or Hitbox solution, we've added for a limited run, the Hitbox layout for the Hori RAP4

Premium Mod

Using our High Grade Aluminum Panel Conversion Kit expect nothing less than a clean and high quality presentation as our panels are anodized and the top surface brushed

Good Form Factor

For those who prefer a case that isn't too large or too small, the RAP4 / V case is a nice balance for size, weight and good spacing for the palm rest

Realistically, if you plan to play on a Hitbox for hours on end, you'd want something that is comfortable and this unit will serve it's purpose

Industry Standard Parts

While there are smaller Hitbox options out on the market as well as different shapes and sizes, one of the things we focus on is to ensure there's flexibility in swapping out parts that are easy to get, such as pushbuttons, replacement USB cables and even the PCB itself.  Every vital part in this Hitbox build can be purchased here from us and is generally always in stock.   This is important, if you're a serious gamer and like to modify your controller or need a replacement part that has worn out over time


  • Sony PS3/4/PC Compatible - Stock PCB
  • Hitbox Panel:  High Grade Aluminum Hitbox Kit
  • SOCD Cleaner Installed (Custom AS x MAS SOCD Cleaner Kit)
  • Sanwa Denshi OBSF24 x 12, OBSF30 x 1 Pushbuttons

Quick Link: https://tinyurl.com/HRAP4HB

$ 279.99

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