For those players that prefer a stickless solution and have found the pushbutton layout of the Hitbox too confining, the Shiokenstar layout uses eight 30mm play buttons

Identical to the Hitbox commands, this layout is another option for those who have larger hands and prefer a more open feel 

Offered in panel only (if you have our Hori RAP N Hitbox kit already), you can just swap out the top panel and you're set) or as a full kit that includes the SOCD Cleaner Kit

Kit Contents 

  • 3 mm Thick Brushed Aluminum Panel w/ Hitbox Layout
  • Custom plug and play harness to convert to Hitbox button layout
  • 3M metal pushbutton screw covers
  • Custom Harness to convert joystick to button format
  • SOCD Firmware Update (Click on Qanba Obsidian)

Parts Recommended

  • 24mm x 3 Pushbuttons
  • 30mm x 9 Pushbuttons

Pushbutton Compatibility

  • Sanwa Denshi (Full Line)
  • Seimitsu (Full Line)
  • Hori Hayabusa
  • Crown

Below is the link on how to install this panel.  This is essentially the same method as the Hitbox Conversion Kit, except you'll have to cut out more plastic in various areas (where the pushbuttons would be hitting them - the method on how to mark and remove this is in the guide as well)

Installation Guide (How to install your panel and make necessary cuts)

$ 49.95

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