HIGH GRADE Aluminum Control Panel [HORI RAP N NOIR] Choose JP or KR Collar


What's the difference between our high grade aluminum panels and a metal panel, ones that come stock with the arcade stick or others out on the market?

For starters, these are 2mm thick (the stock panel is under 1mm). 

Once you take physical hold of this panel in your hands, you'll see we didn't just make a metal panel, but made one that exemplifies a premium product that is worthy of replacing your stock panel.  We will soon offer laser engraving for these panels as well which adds a custom touch to your controller 

This panel will directly replace the stock panel and will include the mounting hardware for the joystick

Full Build Example:  Hori Soul Calibur VI Clear Blue Case with Crown Benylis Lever and Crown SDB202 Solid Mechanical Pushbuttons


  • NOIR 8-Button Layout
  • Brushed Aluminum replacement panel with joystick mount
  • Choose either JP-22 (22mm in diameter) or KR-35 (35mm in diameter) collar


$ 44.95