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BROOK Universal Fighting Board Fusion Modding Kit (AS Edition) PS5 Compatible

UPDATE:  For the time being, we can only offer this as a kit, which will include the 20-pin harness and L3/R3/TP harnesses.  The pcb only will be released in July with all the headers attached

NOTE:  The current version we are offering here have the 20-pin and L3/R3/TP headers installed by our modders.  This is the first batch which is intended for DIY custom builds.  If you require same connectors found on the current original UFB, Brook will release this version in July.  We can also solder on other connectors depending on your requirements and our stock availability for these headers

Shipment Times:  We have only 20 units with the pre-soldered headers as shown in the pic currently.  Our modders are  soldering the remaining batch, which should be completed by May 10th.   Depending on where your order lands, we will ship them as the become available

Brook Universal Fighting Board + PS5 Capability (For Fighting Games Only)

The Brook UFB Fusion is essentially the Brook Universal Fighting Board with PS5 capability.  What this means is if you are using an Optimus or an EZ Mod kit, this can help you save an extra step and space (with the pre-soldered connector version coming in July).  NOTE:  The current version we are offering here currently does not have all the connectors required for these kits, however, we can have these soldered on for you

Leading the FGC PCB Market Once Again

When Brook officially released the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB) back in 2016, the buzz at the time was no PS4 8-minute time out.   During this period, they were the only company that were able to figure this out.  Add other modern system capabilities to their pcb, the "Universal" branding became the standard to this day

While the industry was attracted to the UFB's ability to allow users to play on various consoles, Brook's defining moment was with their first firmware update which set it as the fastest board on the market.    Brook's UFB Fusion once again leads the market adding PS5 compatibility to their pcb lineup

Compatible with: 

PS5 Fighting Games | PS4 | PS3 | Xbox OG | 360 | One | XSX/S | Switch | PC | MAC | PS Classic | MD Mini | NEO•GEO Mini | Astro City Mini

$ 131.98