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Up to this point, we have only offered dual modding with the Brook Retro and Universal Fighting Board by utilizing what we call the 20-pin multiplier kit 

The Benefit of a Stacked Dual Mod

The benefits of having a stacked set up is there is no requirement of using the 20-pin multiplier, which for cases that have the vertical clearance, would make for a more simplistic set up and a cleaner mod

Only Offered as a Set

In order for this stacked setup to work, both the Brook Retro and Universal Fighting Boards are customized with special vertical connectors and must be purchased as a set.  We do not offer them separately and you cannot use your existing Brook boards to work with these

Dual Modding Made Simple

With the 4-pin and 20-pin Male and Female Connectors on both boards, simply stack the Brook Universal Fighting Board on top of the Retro Board

Use this with our 20-pin Quick Connect harness for arcade controllers for the buttons and joystick controls

What's Included

  • Custom Brook Retro Board
  • Custom Brook Universal Fighting Board
  • 2 x Stand Offs, 2 x Screws, 2 x Spacers (not shown)
  • Jumper (Used to set either the Brook UFB or Retro Board as default at start up)


Height for stacked combo including PCB Feet is 1.375"

IMPORTANT NOTES:  If you add the 20-pin harness, this will increase the height required to fit this in your case by .25"

In order to easily update the Retro Board, we recommend setting this as the default board

Required Accessories

To utilize both modern and retro gaming systems the RJ45 connector was chosen to simplify the wiring system.  With the RJ45 connector being the standard on one end, using the Neutrik RJ45 Ethercon jack, the other end of the cable can easily be terminated (converted) into the system of choice.  For this setup to work, you will need the following accessories

Neutrik NE8FDP EtherCon RJ45 Panel Mount

Neutrik Neutrik SCDP Sealing Gasket

Custom RJ45 USB / Retro Cables

Recommended Accessories

L3/R3/TP Harness Cable (used mostly for the Brook Universal Fighting Board - not required for the Retro Board)



$ 164.95

$ 144.95