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STREET FIGHTER BOX LOGO (Red) Black Tech Zip-Up Hoodie

Street Fighter Groove Zip-Up Tech Hoodie

More tech than your game

For several years, we've seen apparel in our industry that was catered specifically to the FGC (Fighting Game Community), which consisted of designs that was recognizable in the gaming industry.  There is and always will be an appeal for these designs and will we always continue to support it.  

Street Wear, which got its roots from the California culture has been present since the early 70's.  This has been seen mostly in the skate and surf community and has expanded it's way throughout the apparel industry, except for our niche market, the FGC.  

We can assure you that this is the best quality hoodie in the FGC hands down.  The perfect balance of style, quality, comfort and warmth.   Street style apparel. Wear it today, everyday, everywhere. 


  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Apparel
  • Premium Zip-Up Hoodie
  • Custom Cut and Sew Design (Manufactured to our specifications)
  • infiDRY DWR Technology (Water Proof)
  • Bonded Internally for Ultimate Comfort and Warmth
  • Lightweight and Breathable Tech Hoodie
  • Tech Pocket for your cell phone

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$ 89.99

$ 74.99