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Rise from the past.  Only 2 units we found brand new from the SPLITFRAME LLC warehouse.  Each fight stick bag design by SPLITFRAME LLC is produced only once and never reproduced so once they sell out, that's it for that design. is now offering SPLITFRAME LLC's amazing fight stick bags, starting with the FST 2 R-Edition.  This bag has been redesigned for even more durability. 

Ever since SPLITFRAME LLC launched it's first FS Transporter Fight Stick Bag, there has been an overwhelming praise for it's design, functionality and protective characteristics. After all, this is truly a bag that was created with it's main purpose, to protect the fight stick and allow the user to carry it around comfortably. 

Once you put this bag on your bag, you'll see how little weight you will experience.  Some say they don't even feel it on their back. 

Each time our bags are released, they sell out, pretty much in record time.  We anticipated this back in February and set out to make another colorway after our last production of the FS Transporter 2 (gray version).  

Images are of the prototype bag and it doesn't do the product justice.  Minimal product branding for a clean presentation.  

  • Dark Grey Melange Colorway (Mix of Dark Grey / Black Fabrics that blend together well for a premium look)
  • Higher Quality, more durable fabric than all other previous models
  • Upgraded quality and waterproof zippers
  • Fits width and height of the following sticks easily: Mad Catz (TE, TE2), Hori RAP4/V, Fighting Edge, QanBa Q2, Q4, Obsidian, Dragon
  • Side Loading (versus top loading) for ease of inserting and removing fight stick (especially during those airport checkups on the conveyer belt)
  • Transport by either using the backpack or Hand Straps for versatility in mobility and comfort
  • Thick Internal Padding for optimum protection
  • Internal padding is removable to convert the bag to house gear in different configurations
  • Side Pockets for Water Bottle/Headphone/Cell Phone/Battery Backup storage
  • Front Zipper Pocket for quick access to documents (such as flight confirmations)
  • Two Vertical Zipper Pockets at each end of bag (allows storage of cell phones or other small electronic devices)
  • Designed with cooperation with SPLITFRAME LLC

Product Specifications

Weight: 4 lbs 6 oz


Outer:  21 x 13 x 8" (inches)

Inner: 20 x 12 x 7" 

$ 114.98