NEO•GEO Consolized Mini MV-1B Home System (V 2.0)

If you're tight on space and wanted to play NEO•GEO games to it's full integrity without any censorship and have the best possible picture and sound quality, there is a system for you. Feast your eyes on the smallest consolized NEO•GEO MVS system available.

The system was consolized from a sealed, brand new MV-1B board. This is the most recent update with the Uni-Bios 3.0 installed. Last batch of new MV-1B board from our inventory.

Professionally modified features:

  • Component Video (Best Possible Video Output, near RGB Quality)
  • S-Video (Razor Sharp Images with great color accuracy)
  • RCA Video (A step above RF, which we opted not to include for quality reasons)
  • RCA Stereo Audio (Best possible audio for NEO•GEO MVS)
  • 2 Standard 15-pin controller ports (works with any standard NEO•GEO stick, joypad, or NEO•GEO MAS Stick)
  • AC Power Port (AC Adapter included, not pictured)
  • Power Button

Also includes: Original box, manual, power supply

Many of these boards, MV-1B on the market has only been modified to output S-Video only. We took this a step further and had this modified to provide the ultimate picture quality possible in a small neat package.

Revision 2.0 updated with Uni-Bios 3.0 chipset.

$ 699.00

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