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Sanwa Denshi's new pushbutton / balltop color - Royal Blue March 31, 2015 13:00

Our long list of wants and concepts for FGC fight sticks and parts are slowly coming along.  The clear bat top was the first step as it was something we recommended to Sanwa Denshi years ago (over 2 years to be exact), but Sanwa Denshi was unsure of the demand for it.  Thanks to the FGC community, Sanwa Denshi's survey at EVO 2014 sealed the deal for the official production of the clear bat top. 

In May of 2014, we had a meeting with Sanwa Denshi for various projects that we wanted to do.  One of those ideas was to add a new color to their lineup.  We asked them to make us another form of blue, which we call "Royal Blue" and at the time, they granted us exclusivity for EVO 2015.  But considering how popular we think this color would be overall, it shouldn't be limited, as it could continue in their lineup and sell quite well over time.  So officially, they decided to make it as part of their normal lineup. 

For starters, 4 products will be released with the Royal Blue or "MB" badge:

Pushbuttons:   OBSF30-MB, OBSFS30-MB, OBSF24-MB

Balltop: LB35-MB

Note: According to Sanwa Denshi, the MB stands for Matte Blue

We will be taking pre-orders on this immediately and our shipment is arriving within 10-14 days.  The first production is limited due to the high demand as you can imagine, but the good news is that we secured a large quantity of these (as we should since we asked for these over a year ago). 

Thank you Sanwa Denshi Co Ltd for making this happen.  It's a great color addition and will make modders out there quite giddy.