Shipping Upgrade Program (from USPS Priority to FEDEX 2 Day) June 21, 2019 02:13

Effective June 21, 2019 we will be offering a shipping upgrade service for a variety of products carried in our store (we will list them below and increase the products offered over time).  Simply choose USPS Priority Mail and if the products qualify (as well as the shipping address), we will upgrade it to FEDEX 2 Day Express

Who does this benefit? 

For those who want their modding parts faster without worrying about added shipping costs will love this program and there's no annual subscription or additional fees required.  It's on us 100%.  No strings attached.  Just an added service benefit for those who want their stuff fast.

LA to New York (2 Business Days), LA to Florida (2 Business Days), LA to Hawaii (2 Business Days)

Furthermore, this is beneficial to everyone who wants a concrete tracking service as FEDEX is rock solid with their tracking updates as well as a faster delivery time compared to USPS Priority (exclusions listed below depending on the distance from us). 

While USPS Priority has improved, the tracking updates are not always consistent.   For those who live in the Midwest / East Coast, you will benefit from this upgrade tremendously as you're pretty much guaranteed to receive your package within 2 business days (please note this depends on the time of day you order and whether it's a customize order) after it ships

Compared this to USPS, which can take between 3 - 5 business days.  We ship from Los Angeles, so those who are furthest from us, you can now receive your items with more certainty

For those who are past Nevada, this will be about the same amount of time as USPS Priority Mail, but again, the reliability and tracking updates is better with FEDEX

For those West of Nevada, Priority Mail should be faster if all goes well.  In these cases, we will leave it as Priority if you choose this method unless you email us and request FEDEX 2 Day Express.  Note also FEDEX does not deliver to PO Boxes

Products that qualify (Limits Shown - Cannot be Combined)

  • All Brook Products - Universal Fighting Board, Fighting Board for PS4, Super Converters, XOne Adapter (Limit 2 units)
  • Modding Made Easy Kits (Limit 2 Kits)
  • All Crown / Hori / Sanwa Denshi / Seimitsu Pushbuttons (Limit 50 units)
  • All Crown / Sanwa Denshi / Seimitsu Levers (Limit 2 units)
  • Phreakmods The Link (Limit 30 units)
  • All SPLITFRAME Tees / Hats (Limit 2 pcs)

This offer is only valid for addresses in the USA.  Alaska and Hawaii are included (Puerto Rico is not unfortunately)

Please note it takes us time to pack your order, which is up to 24 hours and depending on the time of the day you order, it may ship same day or the next day, so please factor this in

We will still offer FREE SHIPPING to addresses in the USA for orders over $55, so this is not going away.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Happy shopping and thank you in advance for your support